Call for papers - IUAES 2019 Inter-Congress in Poznan, Poland

Przypominany o trwającym naborze propozycji referatów do otwartych paneli na inter-kongres IUAES, który odbędzie się między 27 a 31 sierpnia br. w Poznaniu. Wśród paneli jest też panel organizowany przez dr hab. Moniki Baer (Uniwersytet Wrocławski) oraz prof. dr Anikę Keinz (Europa-UniversitätViadrina). Szczegóły poniżej.

Title: Beyond identities? Strategic solidarities in/of the political

Conveners: Monika Baer, University of Wroclaw, Anika Keinz, European University Viadrina

Short description: The panel aims to explore strategic solidarities, which emerge in social movements, initiatives and events of the global contemporary and bring various forms of the political. In this process, conventional identity politics frequently give way to alternative practices of “collective togetherness.”

Long description: The late industrial condition features the entanglements of global and local, government and business, law and politics, nature and science. It embraces various social, cultural, political, economic and technical nested systems, which are all involved in multiple interactions (Fortun 2012). Effectively, the contemporary witnesses specific shifts in social movements, initiatives and events of various historically dispossessed subjects. Identity politics and political aims of formerly precisely defined social groups (e.g. indigenous people, women, the LGBT, workers, ecologists etc.), which for a long time shaped conventional types of activism, have recently given way to alternative political practices. This brought new forms of solidarities emerging at the intersections of previously distinct and (supposedly) distant social and political categories and identities. Thus, the political becomes an arena where more or less stable relations and affinities are being strategically forged to act for specific and elusive ideas of “social change.” In the process, “collective togetherness” of different temporal and spatial scales is being created (Dzenovska, De Genova 2018).

The panel seeks to explore how the above conditionings are being imagined, practiced and experienced in specific movements, initiatives and events all over the world. By means of ethnographically and theoretically informed case studies, it aims to enhance anthropological knowledge on dynamics, which shape the political in various cultural, social, economic and geographical locations as well as individual and collective forms of involvement. In particular, the attention is given to processes in which solidarities are being created and contested while “performing the labour of difference (Fortun 2012).”

Keywords: late industrialism, the political, solidarities, collective togetherness, social change

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