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dr hab. Anna Markowska, Professor of the University of Wrocław


Note: All theses were written in Polish, with an English summary


  1. Anita Bartoszewicz, Designer in the frames of restrictions in the People's Republic of Poland - Maria Chomentowska's furniture projects for the Institute of Industrial Design
  2. Magdalena Fijas, Contemporary children's picture book in Poland
  3. Ewelina Hasiuk, Semiotic robinhoodism. On socially engaged Polish billboards
  4. Roma Kończak, Marwencol. A private war of Mark Hogancamp
  5. Katarzyna Kowal, Ukrainian "new wave" - the nascence of new art in a new country
  6. Anita Kwaśnik, Anti-glamour in Juergen Teller's photographs
  7. Patrycja Piróg, Symptoms of the modernist crisis in Michelangelo Antonioni's and Federico Fellini's movies
  8. Zofia Reznik, Post-production method in the practice of Polish artists after 1989
  9. Magda Rusinowicz, Before the renaissance of holy icons: sacred painting in Russia at the end of the 19th century by Viktor Mikhaylovich Vasnetsov and Mikhail Aleksandrovich Vrubel
  10. Natalia Starzyńska, Artist-chameleon: Jerzy Skarżyński and his book illustrations
  11. Agnieszka Szkopek, Zdzisław Jurkiewicz's artistic strategies
  12. Katarzyna Trochimowicz, Policy of creating past in newly built Polish museums
  13. Anna Wysmyk, Wojciech Weiss' art in the interwar period
  14. Aleksandra Wysmyk, From underground to mainstream. On the institutionalization and commercialization of street art in Poland


  1. Joanna Borkowska, Polish Book Cover Design in the Last Four Decades. Typography as a Reduction Method?
  2. Marcin Ludwin, Everyday Life of a Contemporary Metropolis Dweller. A Tension Between Time and Body in Tsai Ming-Liang's Pictures
  3. Katarzyna Mikłuszka, European Design of the 21st Century Inspired by Baroque and Roccoco Art
  4. Marta Pokojowczyk, Time Dilatation and Empowerment in Fiona Tans's Video Installations
  5. Marta Prochaska, The elles@centrepompidou Exhibition - in Search for a New Space for Polish Female Art
  6. Joanna Rose, Works of Hugleikur Dagsson Against a Background of History of Comics and Modern Icelandic Society
  7. Jerzy Siarka, Neon Light Artists in Contemporary Polish Art
  8. Małgorzata Stojak, Ancient Hybrid Animals in the 20th Century Art
  9. Piotr Szewczuk, Transgender Representation and Experience in Contemporary Photography


  1. Kamila Nasiadko (married name Storz), A Solid Brick Country House in the Cultural Landscape of Warmia and Masuria; (A prize-winning paper of the second edition of "Polish Village - Its Heritage and Future" competition, 2010 (under the auspices of the Polish National Commission for UNESCO ); publication: K. Storz, Murowany dom miejski w krajobrazie Warmii i Mazur [A Solid Brick Country House in the Cultural Landscape of Warmia and Masuria], Wydawnictwo Naukowe Scholar, Warszawa 2011
  2. Olga Sarzyńska, "We Are the Sum of Our Experiences and Desires." The World of Franciszek Pikula
  3. Dobrochna Sokulska, Contemporary Polish Artists: Antoni Rząsa, Władysław Hasior and Eugeniusz Mucha and the Tradition of Folk and Religious Art
  4. Aleksandra Studnicka, Erotica in Andrzej Wroblewski's Art
  5. Kamila Wróbel, Polish Video-Art Between 1989-1995


  1. Małgorzata Ignaczak, Andy Goldsworthy: Ephemeralness and Meanings of Time Passing
  2. Miłosz Janicki, Cindy Sherman's Photographs as a Demythologizing Performance
  3. Katarzyna Kondratczyk, Between The Sound, The Word and The Picture - Album Covers Designs of Pink Floyd. Selected Visual Aspects
  4. Natalia Krawczyk, James Turrell's Light Spaces
  5. Urszula Łączna, Katarzyna Kozyra and Zbigniew Libera - Strategies of Agonistic Entering the Public Space in Poland After the Decline of Communism
  6. Irena Makowska, Theoretical Principles of Zaha Hadid's Architecture
  7. Małgorzata Micuła, Autobiography as a Source of Creativity or Confessional Art of Tracey Emin
  8. Olga Osadowska, Photographs by Patrick Demarchelier in the Context of Modern Celebrity Culture
  9. Marek Ożyhar, Skulptur Projekte Münster 1977-2007
  10. Karolina Rybacka, Female Sexuality in Art by Polish Female Artists from the Sixties till Now
  11. Anna Siemieniec, Eastern Orthodox Icon - Tradition and Contemporary Challenges: Polychromy Painting in Sokołowsko Orthodox Church
  12. Ida Maria Szatkowska, "Spanish Fever". Phenomenon of New Museum Of Art in Spain in the Post-Franco Era
  13. Zuzanna Wacyra, Post-War Rebuilding of Historical City Centres in Wrocław and Münster. Identity and Material Testimonies of History
  14. Agata Wiejak, Agoraphobia in Poland - AMS Outdoor Gallery in 1998-2002
  15. Kamila Wodecka, Body Vestiges in Non-Figurative Sculptures by Miroslaw Balka


  1. Karolina Kownacka, Alfons Karpiński's Painting - A Fixed Stylishness.
  2. Barbara Kuczek, Net Art in Poland
  3. Marcin Kozłowski, "Common Space, Intimate Space" - Students' Actions In and Out of Grzegorz Kowalski's Studio at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw
  4. Agnieszka Liberek, Furniture in Płock - Craftsmanship and Interior Decoration (from the Late 19th Century to the 1930s)
  5. Karolina Rajna, Restoration of Gothic Painting in Sieroty and Jemielnica - Some Problems of Art Reconstruction
  6. Karolina Rojek, Self-Promotion in Damien Hirst's Art


  1. Maria Czaplińska, Władysław Hasior's Studio in Zakopane. Artist's Life Assemblage and an Amazing Site-Specific Work of Art from the Times of the People's Republic of Poland
  2. Magdalena Duda, Different Aspects of Modernism in Public Architecture in Opole
  3. Monika Jawdyk, Jan Tarasin's Language of Painterly Structures
  4. Marzena Kokot vel Kokocińska, Tadeusz Różewicz's Meetings with Visual Art
  5. Kamila Krajewska, Flappers and All the Rest. Costume Analysis of Art Deco Portraits
  6. Maciej Kurpiewski, Images Behind the Images of the World. Roman Cieślewicz's Design Work
  7. Joanna Malewicz, Kazimir Malevich's Self-Portraits
  8. Monika Petryna, Igor Mitoraj's and Adam Myjak's Statues - Two Ways of Understanding the Classical Sculpture Tradition
  9. Karolina Pietruszczak, The Window Metaphor in the Painting of Three Generations of Polish Artists: Jerzy Nowosielski, Łukasz Korolkiewicz and Wilhelm Sasnal
  10. Agnieszka Rozciecha, Photography of Erwin Olaf: the Ambivalence of a Work and the Fluctuation of a Subject
  11. Karolina Tomczak, A Critical Reception of S. I. Witkiewicz's Visual Art in 1945-1989
  12. Michał Weksler, Insiders Generation - Contemporary Czech Art of the Second Half of the 90s.